DC-Car control

DC-Car control

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Active filters

10 pieces phototransistor 0603

10 pieces

Price €2.48

270 Ohm 1/4W 10 pieces

10 pieces

Price €0.41

470 Ohm 1/4W 10 pieces

10 pieces

Price €0.41

Charger connectorLiPo

For cars with LiPo batteries

Price €1.45

Charger for remote control

Charger for remote control

Price €10.33

Claxongeluid K4 Chip SMD behuizing

Price €10.33

Connection cable between truck and trailer

3 wires, lenght: 15 cm

Price €6.20

CV Programmer USBPlus

USB connection, with test features!

Recommended for XT module!

Price €61.98

DC-Car Booster

Ready for use

Price €50.83

DC-Car remote control MFPlus

Now MF3 and MF 4 switchable!!

Equipped with measuring and test functions!!

Price €119.83

DC-DC Convertor

Voltage converter

Price €10.66


DC07 basic decoder without IR amplifier and voltage convertor

Price €24.71

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