To be used with 3,6 - 5 Volt battery

This is the smallest DC Car decoder, dimensions only 7 mm x 15 mm !!
This DC-Car decoder has built-in IR receiver and is suitable for 3.6 - 5 Volt batteries.

This decoder has the following components on board:

  • Infrared receiver
  • Anti Collision System
  • Short and long DCC address 1-126 and 128-9999
  • All functions programmable through CVs
  • Watching the charge status of the batteries
  • Control of one servo
  • Control of:
    • Beacon and the main lighting through sensors on the vehicle
    • Direction indicators, emergency lights, lighting, speed, etc. with DCC digital control using infrared LEDs.
    • Direction indicators, emergency lights, lighting, speed etc. without DCC command station by means the universal function module SW.
    • Automatic bus and fire brigade by means of  two magnets in the roadway
    • Bus can be applied to the right or left of the lane
    • Long distance IR control with a range of 5-8 meters
    • On board resistors for most LEDs
    • Anti Collision System shutoff
    • The recognition of the reed contact can be switched off.

More features:

  • 2 Flashing lights (must be equipped with a exteren resistance!)
  • Flashing lights can be set to double flash
  • The rotational frequency of the beacons are programable (CV value or random)
  • 2 Light Output (Light 1 and 2 separately switchable)
  • 3 Multi fuctie outputs
    • Control of 1 Servo - MF1 = Licht4 or a servo (CV20, only with 3.7V battery) - MF4 = Hall sensor or switching output (CV111, series resistor needed!) - MF5 = IR feedback or switching output (CV25, series resistor needed !)
  • Continuous lighting for stand models can be controlled via CV24
  • The DC09-I is 1/3 smaller than the DC10/07/05 and therefore very suitable for the smaller vehicle, and N scale.

The wiring diagrams can be found here: Aansluitingen.pdf