When placing an order, our general delivery and payment conditions, without restrictions,

effective and accepted by the other party.


Orders can be placed via our webshop, in writing, by e-mail, post or by telephone.


Unless otherwise stated, our prices are:

- based on delivery from our company or other warehouse,

- including VAT, import duties, other taxes, levies and duties,

- excluding the costs of transport and insurance,

- stated in EURO, unless stated otherwise,

- possible price change reserved.


The first delivery will always be cash on delivery or after advance payment. Goods not delivered will,

unless otherwise agreed, will be delivered as soon as possible. For orders a postage / packaging share in


Deliveries reserved.

Transport / Risk:

Unless otherwise agreed (in writing), the other party assumes all risk of the transport / shipment,

including fault / negligence of the carrier.

The method of transport, shipping, packaging and the like is determined by us as a good family man / merchant.

Force of the majority:

"Force majeure" means:

each of the parties' will be independent or unforeseeable circumstances, as a result of which compliance with the

agreement can no longer reasonably be demanded by the other.

If in our opinion the force majeure will be of a temporary nature, we have the right to execute the

to suspend the agreement until the circumstance causing the force majeure no longer occurs.

If, in our opinion, the force majeure situation is of a lasting nature, the parties can make an arrangement

dissolution of the agreement and associated consequences.

We are entitled to claim payment for the performance of the relevant agreement

performed before the circumstance causing the force majeure has become apparent.


We exclude any liability, insofar as this is not regulated by law.

Our liability will never exceed the total amount of the order in question.

This liability is at all times limited to € 250 unless our

provide insurers with cover against higher claims and / or recourse against third parties is possible.

Subject to the generally applicable legal rules of public order and good faith, we are not bound to any

compensation of damage of any kind, directly or indirectly, including trading loss to movable or

immovable property, or to persons, both with the other party and with third parties.

In any case, we are not liable for damage caused or caused by the use of the

delivered or due to its unsuitability for the purpose for which the other party has purchased it.

We are indemnified by only receiving the delivered goods by or on behalf of the other party

against all possible claims of the other party and / or third parties to pay compensation, regardless of whether

the damage has arisen as a result of composition and / or manufacturing errors or due to any other cause.


Any complaints will only be processed by us if they come directly to us within 5 days

delivery, with an accurate statement of the nature and basis of the complaints.

Complaints about invoices must also be submitted within 5 days of the invoice date.

After this term has expired, the other party is deemed to have delivered the goods, resp. have approved the invoice.

If so, complaints will no longer be processed by us.

If the complaint is found to be well-founded by us, we are only obliged to do the agreed

to perform.

Only if and insofar as the complaint is found to be well-founded will this suspend the other party's payment obligation

until the moment the advertising is completed.

Return of the delivered goods can only take place after our prior consent, to be determined by us



The warranty granted by us is limited exclusively to the manufacturer's warranty used by the third-party supplier.

Retention of title:

Delivered goods remain our property until all our deliveries made under the agreement

or deliveries to be made, including interest and costs, have been paid by the other party. In case of

suspension of payment, bankruptcy, suspension of payment, liquidation of the other party, or death when

the other party is a natural person, we are entitled to reclaim unpaid part of the delivered goods.

Cancellation and return do not affect our right to compensation for loss or damage. In these cases, each

claim from us directly and completely due and payable.


Unless agreed otherwise in writing, payment must be made in cash on delivery, without any discount, or

by transfer to a bank or giro account designated by us within 8 days of the invoice date.

The other party expressly waives any possible power to set off.

The value date indicated on our bank / giro statements is decisive and is therefore regarded as the payment day.

All payments made by the other party primarily serve to settle any interest and the amount made by us

collection costs and then to settle the oldest outstanding invoices.

In case the other party:

- is declared bankrupt, files for bankruptcy, files a petition for suspension of payment,

or attachment is levied on all or part of his property,

- dies or is placed under guardianship,

- fails to fulfill any obligation under the law or these conditions,

- fails to pay an invoice amount or a part thereof within the period set for this, we have passed on

only taking place of one of the aforementioned circumstances the right, either to dissolve the agreement, or any

amount owed by the other party on the basis of the services provided by us, immediately and without any

to demand full warning or notice of default, all without prejudice to our right to compensation

costs, damage and interest.

Interest costs:

If the payment has not been made in the period stated in the previous article, the other party is legally

in default and from the invoice date the legal, but at least 1% per (part of a) month or the legal

permitted rate due on the outstanding amount.

All judicial and extrajudicial costs to be incurred will be borne by the other party.

The extrajudicial collection costs amount to at least 15% of the interest, including the aforementioned interest

amount owed by the other party.

Applicable law:

All our offers, agreements and the execution thereof are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

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