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270 Ohm 1/4W 10 pieces

10 pieces

Price €0.41

470 Ohm 1/4W 10 pieces

10 pieces

Price €0.41

Accu NiMH 1,2 Volt/200 mAh Oval with solder tags

With solder tags

Price €4.96

Accu NiMH 1,2Volt/300mAh

Battery NiMH

Price €7.85

Accu NiMH 1,2Volt/500mAh with soldertug

Price €6.20

Adaptor for Mini USB

5V Mini USB adaptor

Price €7.64

Charger connector 3-pins NiMH (Faller)

Charge connector for NiMH batteries

Price €0.41

Charger connectorLiPo

For cars with LiPo batteries

Price €1.45

Diode 1N4001 10 pieces

10 pieces

Price €1.24

Diode 1N4148 10 pieces

10 pieces

Price €1.24

Display red

for speedometer

Price €2.07

LED constant current source 10 mA

For standard LEds (20mA)

Price €3.72

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