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Settings of the DC-Car decoders

The DC-Car decoders have a large number of parameters that can be CVs are adjustable. CV stands for Configurable Variables, these are settings that affect the functioning of the decoder. You should think of:

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How do you make a street junction?

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DC-Car Booster

The DC-Car Booster makes it possible to control the DC-Car cars over a longer distance by means of a digital DCC station such as the Intellibox.

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The ingenious Anti-collision system

With this system, the spiritual father of the DC-Car system, Claus Illchmann, has been far ahead of everyday reality for several years.

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Automatic functions in DC-Car decoders

A number of automatic functions are built into the DC-Car decoder. The functions are controlled by 2 magnets located in the road surface. As an receiver, an optional Hall sensor must be installed under the cars.

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Geometry of the road

Doesn't the proverb say: "Look before you start"? This certainly applies to planning and building the road network on our layout. Nothing is more annoying than having to conclude afterwards that certain vehicles cannot drive on part of the road network because that one corner is just too tight

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The Faller Car System and how it works

Since 1987 Faller has been working literally and figuratively on the (model) road with the current Faller Car System, which has now been more than 20 years. In this system, the vehicles are equipped with an engine, battery and a steering mechanism with magnet. 

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Control of the DC-Car system

The system can be controlled in various ways. That immediately makes it more complicated, which makes it difficult for newcomers to immediately understand the possibilities

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