The model, that's what it's all about, which is why the first part of our name is Miniature ... it goes without saying, a scaled-down representation of the 1: 1 reality. The suffix A stands for Atelier, indeed the place where people work. This therefore refers to the in-house development of products. Sometimes triggered by others, we sometimes have nice ideas that we can convert into a product. The Atelier is also the place where the workshops are given: a special space in an inspiring environment.

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Visiting address (by appointment only)

Hoorneweg 7
3881 NK Putten The Netherlands
Tel .: +31 630172543
Chamber of Commerce number: 08111027
Bank: ING 9472350 <
IBAN: NL06INGB0009472350

You may always call us however, we prefer email communication: