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Font axle FA163009

FA163009 per unit, old number FA161790.

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163001

One piece (old nubmer FA161705),

Order holder (FA161766) and steering tug (FA163206) separately!

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163002

One piece (old nubmer FA161725),

Order holder (FA161765) and steering tug (163202) separate !

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163003

One piece (old number FA161726),

Order holder separate (FA161765)!

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163004

One piece (old nubmer FA161701),

Order holder(FA161766) and steering tug (163206) separate!

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163005


FA163005 per unit (old number FA161883)

Front axle FA163007

Per unit (old number 161707)

Order holder (FA161766) and steering tug (FA163206) separate!

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163010

FA163010 per unit (old number  FA161786)

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163011

Per unit. (old number FA161704)

Order holder separate!

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163013

Per unit (old number FA161884)

Order holder separate (FA161765)

Corresponding tug: FA163207

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163014

Per unit (old number FA161724).

Price €12.40

Front axle FA163015

1 piece

Order holder seperate 

Price €12.40

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