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Universal car decoder 1,2Volt and 2.4 NiMH batteries.

Note: IR LEDs and photo transistors have to be ordered separately!

DC-Car Decoder with integrated voltage converter and IR receiver
DC10-SI 1,2Volt, 2.4 volts or 3.6 volts (using a switching diode 1N4001), output 5 volts.

Dimensions: 10x15mm and 3mm thick

The wiring diagrams can be found here:  Aansluitingen.pdf

This decoder has the following components on board:

  • Infrared receiver
  • Anti Collision System
  • Short and long DCC addresses and 1-126 128-9999
  • All functions programmable through CVs
  • Managing the charge status of the batteries
  • Control of 2 servos
  • Control of:

Blue lights and the main lighting through sensors on the vehicle
Direction indicators, emergency lights, lighting, speed etc. with DCC digital system using infrared LEDs.
Direction indicators, emergency lights, lighting, speed etc. without DCC digital system by means universal function module SW.

  • Bus and fire automatics by means of two magnets in the roadway
  • Bus can be installed right or left of the lane
  • Long distance IR control with a range of 5-8 meters by optional receiver LCIR
  • Shunt resistor for most LEDs on the PCB present
  • Anti Collision System can be switched off
  • Recognizing the reed contact can be disabled.

More features:

  • 2 Flashing lights (must be equipped with a exteren resistance!)
  • Flashing lights can be set to double flash
  • The rotational frequency for the beacons are programmer bar (CV value or random)
  • 2 Light Output (Light 1 and 2 separately switchable)
  • 3 Multi function outputs:

MF1 = Licht4 or a servo (CV20, only with 3.7V battery)

MF4 = Hall sensor or switching output (CV111, series resistor required!)

MF5 = IR confirmations or switching output (CV25, series resistor required!)

  • Control of 2 servos
  • Continuous lighting for stand models switchable via CV24

DCC functions:

F0 Light 1+ tail light

F1 Left turn signal

F2 Rightturn signal

F1 + F2 Alarm lights

F3 ON / OFF phototransistors. With CV 19 = 4: IR LEDs behind also ON / OFF

F4 Reed contact ON / OFF

F5 Flashing lights

F6 Flasher

Multifunction outputs:

F7 Light 2

F8 MF 2 / MF 1 Light 3 and Light 4 (if CV 20 = 8 + 0 is set) or Light 3 (if CV 20 = 8)

F9 MF 1 Light 4 (if CV 20 = 8)

F10 MF 3 (as set with CV 27)

F11 MF 4 (as set with CV 111)

F12 MF 5 (as set with CV 25)

F13  Anti-collision system rear (IR LEDs) ON / OFF