Hall sensor HG1


Magnetic sensor for working with automatic functions for bus, fire brigade and the like. The Hall sensor allows functions to be performed automatically when passing magnets built into the road surface. You can think of the flashing lights and siren of a fire truck, for example.

The sensor can also be used for the automatic bus stop. The function depends on the vehicle type specified in the decoder. The different steps within the functions are performed by means of CVs programmed. The function can work completely independently, so without external control, and are then executed when passing the magnets. The HG1 is a Hall sensor that switches on and off when passing a magnet. With this sensor, the magnets must have the same polarity. Example: First magnet: north pole up, second magnet: also north pole up. For example, in order to be able to control a fire brigade and a bus with magnets, the Hall sensor is installed on one vehicle with the type designation down and on the other with the type designation up. One vehicle now responds to magnets with the north pole facing up while the other vehicle responds to magnets with the south pole facing up.

This Hall sensor can also be used as a detector of cars for use by. give an S88 module a feedback to the computer system.

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