Lighting bar wide, wired


26 mm wide, with wires and LEDs

Lighting bar with IR LEDs, ready and wired for use with DC-Car decoders with Anti Collision System.


The eight LEDs are distributed as follows at the bar:

Yellow Red Red IR - IR Red Red Yellow

Size: 26x3 mm thickness 0.5mm Print

2 independently switchable yellow turn signals, wires: orange right LED,  yellow: left LED
2 red tail lights switched together, connecting wire: blue
2 red brake lights switched together, connecting wire: violet
2 IR LEDs switched independent, connecting wire: 2x green
Common plus lead wire: red

If the bar is not used with DC-Car decoders: always use serial resistors !!

The value of the resistors is dependent upon the voltage and the desired brightness, recommended are the following values:

2.4 Volts approximately 47-220 Ohm

3-5 ca. 220-1000 Volt Ohm

12-16Volt approximately 1kOhm-4.7 kilohms

For easy testing of the IR LEDs are separately connected. By DC-Car decoders however, they are connected together.