Streetsystem Startset Profi


Professional starter set "City"


This Professional starter set is for everyone who wants more. Not only the large but also the technical possibilities are a challenge. For example, by applying the split servo at the start of the turns, the long cars can "pick up" the turn.

The two integrated T-junctions offer a great deal of variation in road traffic. This inexpensive set can of course be expanded with the Streetsystem elements.

The set consists of:

4x G102_52

2x G100_52

6x G200_52

6x G300_52

8x G025_52

2x G050_52

2x ST_K100_52

5x R210_52

5x R220_52

5 R230_52

5x R310_52

5x R320_52

5x R330_52


58x V100_52

20m Magnetic tape

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