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The next workshop will be on saturday 5 november a.s.

To give you an idea of ​​what you can expect, I would like to give you a global description of the course of the day:


Reception with coffee / tea and some sweets. After a short welcome word and some household announcements, there is a short introduction round, which means that we know something more and what is important to us, the reason for your participation so that we can focus on it a little during the day.


Usually, a lot of information about the tools used and the state of the art about new developments in driving cars on the model track and the DC-Car system in particular.


Then we usually split the group into two.

Some are regulars who begin to (re) build their model right away.

The other part usually consists of starters / interested. To this group we explain and demonstrate the DC-Car system. If the everthing is clear and there are no more questions, they also usually turn into a model conversion. This can be a included Faller Car Car (truck or bus is best for the starter) or a Faller model purchased during the workshop (advantageous !! :-)).

It may also be that a participant first wants to experience with, for example, fine soldering. It all belongs to the possibilities.


Somewhere around the clock of twelve / half one, sandwiches are served. During lunch, some continue working on their cars (that says something about the enthusiasm !!) but if you want to pause, that will be possible.

Our credo: "Many may be don, nothing must" applies throughout the day and contributes to a relaxed atmosphere that is also needed to bring the intensive miniature key work to a good end. It's not rare that a participant at the end of the day goes home with a working DC-Car model, so these participants are usually not at home at home :-)!


Throughout the day there is an opportunity for tasting a tray of comfort (if you are sitting out for a while ....) or eating some fresh juice or tea, then continue to go on ......


The day has an open end, you want to go home at 17:00: fine, do you have to finish something and want to stay longer: that's possible too.


We try to keep the participation costs as low as possible. These costs are, of course, exclusive of the cost of material as each participant himself determines what he wants and / or brought.

To give you an idea:

For example, if you want to digitize a brought-in Faller Car Model, it usually depends on pre-assembled decoder sets that cost around 99.00 Euro.


See you, at one of our workshops,

Jan Heimensen