Engine set for small cars 1,2/ 2,4Volt


NiMH version

Engine set for cars and smaller models like delivery buses.

This is a high-quality engine.
The specially selected motor is of Swiss origin, while the highly precision worm / gear transmission has been produced from maintenance-free POM plastic which has long life and low wear. The latter also applies to the precious steel shaft rotating in a brass bush.

The kit is designed as a kit so that it can easily be adapted to the dimensions of the model.

Transmission: worm - worm wheel
Worm: synthetic resin only
Worm wheel: plastic, toothing: oblique
Engine: Wire anchor with fixed wiring

Voltage: 1,2 - 2,4 Volt
Axle bearing: brass bus
Axle diameter: 1mm
Connection: Wires 30mm with tined tip end