Startset bus with Streetsystem oval


Included: automatic bus stop

Starter set DC-Car Night bus

This starter set consists of a Streetsytem single-lane oval incl. Magnetic wire and a DC-Car bus with hall sensor option. The bus is based on the Faller Night bus.

With the built-in Hall sensor option you can easily make a bus stop using the two magnets supplied.

Be surprised how you can add a lot of animation to your layout with very little technology.(Video explaining automatic bus stop)

This starter set is the perfect entry to autonomous driving road traffic on your model railroad.

Do you want more bus stops? With only two extra magnets in the road, this is easy to achieve !!

DC-Car .... we can't make it simpler !!

Streetsystem oval of 81 x 41.5 cm
2x 1 m magnetic tape
12x R110_52 Turn R1
4x G100_52 Straight
2x magnet 8x5 mm
1x DC-Car night bus with hall sensor option
1x Battery charger
1x Instructions for use

The bus is equipped with:
Direction indicators / hazard lights
Rear lights
Brake lights
Hall sensor option
2x 800mAh rechargeable batteries (runs almost 3x as long as the standard Faller Night bus !!!)

DC-Car vehicles run independently as standard but can also be controlled by a computer.
With computer control, we recommend the LCIR option so that you can operate the vehicle over a longer distance (up to 7 meters).