R0 Transition curve left 30º


„R0“ 122 mm / 131 mm (Article number: R020_44) 

Transition curve left 30º „R0“ 122 mm / 131 mm

At this curve there is a gradient in the magnetic wire groove from the middle to the outside of the curve. This segment is intended for the transition from straight segments to curve segments.


Angle: 30 degree

Width: 44 mm

Radii: R 122 mm  / 131 mm

Groove: 3 mm in the middle and outside

Material: MDF


We deliver:

1 x Curve segment (R020_44)

1 x Couple piece (V100_13)

With the Streetsystem it is possible to build single or multi-lane roads in a short time.

The principle is very simple, with the standard segments, using the supplied connectors are clicked together and the magnetic tape is pressed into the groove. A first test drive can then already be made.