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Interactive traffic


The XT module offers the opportunity for varied traffic without using a computer with software.

How it works:

The decoder in the car transmits an infrared signal.

The XT module receives this signal and can thus perform many functions of your choice.

Some examples:

The route for a car is dependending of its direction indicators. That direction indicators can be controlled by a function module, a remote control, a DCC central or even a PC with control software (iTrain, Windigipet, TrainController etc.)

A car drives its own route. This can be based on the vehicle type or vehicle number (this is not the DCC address!). Vehicle type and numeer are set in the car decoder.

A car is automatically send to a gas station / charger when the battery is running low. Battery monitoring can be set in the car decoder.

A car sends other vehicles or itself through DC Car commands that are sends by XT module via infrared LEDs.

A car starting an animation by means the switching output of the XT module.

The XT module can even generate a feedback which is handled by computer software to controll traffic.

In order to make this possible the XT module is comprising:

1. Servo output.

Both position (2 stage or  3 stage!) and speed are adjustable. There is also a posibility for automatic reset based on time or a reset based on an external component (reedswitch, Hall or mechanical switch. (NOTE: When using the XT module the servo cannot be operated by DCC! The XT module does not have a DCC interface)

2. Infrared LED output.

The infrared LED sends an selectable DC Car command to the road users. (similar to the commands of the function module).

3. Switch output. (open collector transistor switches to GND)

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