The model, that's what it's all about, that's why the first part of our name is Miniature .., that goes without saying, a reduced representation of 1: 1 reality. The suffix A stands for Atelier, indeed the place where people work. This also refers to the own development of products. Sometimes triggered by others, we sometimes have fun ideas that we can turn into a product. However, the A could also stand for Attraction. An attraction in the field of modeling. A heartfelt wish ... who knows ... maybe it will happen again ........ But for the time being it remains an activity that takes place in the spare time.

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Visiting address (by appointment only)

Miniature A
Hoorneweg 7
3881 NK Putten
Tel .: +31 630172543
Chamber of Commerce number: 08111027
Bank: ING 9472350 <
IBAN: NL06INGB0009472350

As we do this activity in addition to our normal work, we kindly request you to call in the evening only.

However, we prefer email communication:

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