Engine CI 46-7


Engine for larger models CI46-7

For tire size from 10.5mm

2.4 Volt motor

This high-quality engine is the successor to the already renowned GL 46-7 drive.

It is intended for the larger models such as buses and trucks with a weight of up to 100 grams and tire size from 10.5 mm.

This silent, low-maintenance engine is equipped with a powerful 7 mm motor and is an in-house development of the DC-Car team. The transmission is 1:46.

Transmission: 1:46

Engine: 7 mm

Housing: Aluminum

Transmission: Metal worm with plastic worm wheel (made in Germany)

Current: 25 mA (no load), 300 mA (blocked)

Voltage: 1.2 V: for old-timers (55 Km) 2.4 V: faster models (84 km) (tyres size 10.5 mm)