Engine for vehicles with tire width of 8 mm or more


For tire sizes from 8 mm.

1.2 Volt motor.

This quality drive is designed for buses and trucks weighing up to 90 grams and tires from 8 mm.
This quiet, low-maintenance drive is equipped with a powerful 7 mm engine and is a private development of the DC-Car team.

Transmission: 1:26
Engine: 7 mm
Housing: Aluminium
Transmission: Plastic worm obliquely toothed plastic worm wheel (made in Germany)
Power consumption: 25mA (no load), 300mA (blocked)
Voltage: 1.2 V: for Oldtimers (65 Km / h) 2.4 V: Fast models (98 km / h) (tire size 10 mm)